Are slots rigged? RNG explained


I think my favorite slots are rigged…it doesn’t feel random anymore…ever wonder if random numbers are random?

Random number generators (rng) have been around for years and are the back bone of all computerized gaming including slot machines, World of Warcraft, lottery etc. They can be our best friends and our worst enemies..sometimes in the same night. Slots win when the rng hits a favorable number, and they lose when it does not. After reading this article you will understand how slots work and see for yourself if they are rigged.


Are online casinos rigged 20 side dice

20 sided dice

Consider that a throw of a  20 sided dice would give a close to true random number. You could come up with any number from 1 to 20 with an equal chance of getting any specific number. Betting on a number here would give you a 1/20 chance of winning. Nice and random, the most simple form of rng.


Using a combination of dice to equal a greater number does not have an equal chance of landing on a specific number. It must be on a single die to be truly random. In the game Craps, casinos can capitalize on this by knowing that it is most likely that 2 regular dice will roll a 7 over any other number.


are online casinos rigged image

11 – 66

A computer could create a virtual die that has millions numbers on its surface and “roll” it in a virtual world. Essentially that is what computerized RNG (random number generators) are. Since there are thousands of possible outcomes on our favorite slots, having truly accurate RNG is very important to the players and the casino as well.

Everyone at some point wants to know, “are slots rigged or random” and the answer is yes slots are random. Are slots rigged?

If you had a casino where people never won why would they play there? In fact if you go to a casino or play at an online casino and you never win anything on the slots why would you go back? It’s in the casinos best interest to let people lose and win because they will probably come back to play more in the future. If online casinos are rigged then no one would play at them.

Are slots rigged?

1,000,000,000 sided dice

CBR’s lists fair casinos and omits the rogue operators that have not shown where their gaming license is from or has a history of not paying winners. If you do choose to play the slots feel safe knowing that thousands of dollars have been payed out to online casino visitors from CBR’s exclusive free slots bonus list.

Any casino on CBR has been 3rd party audited and the RNG is certified to be truly random. So you can play your new favorite slots knowing that they are completely random and that the jackpot could be closer then you think.

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