Is it better to use a big casino bonus or a small one with easy rules?

Looking to hit it huge, or to just try and get a lager number of smaller wins?

When playing casino games it can often be the case that you are doing it in order to enjoy the thrill of having the potential to win a lot of money. Not winning is still fun for most people that play, but it is that chance that keeps them coming back time and again. In addition, in our current economic climate more people are turning to luck in order to solve their financial problems, and they are looking for easier ways to make or even win money. People know very well that they are not likely to hit the jackpot during the duration of their gambling activities, however they might just win the smaller ones which have a higher likelihood of triggering. While these might not be significant enough to solve real financial issues as some have been hoping for, it will still be better than constantly losing money chasing something that has very low odds. After all, it is fun to play, so more is usually better… This article is going to go through whether you should look to playing for big wins that are highly unlikely, or instead, going for the smaller wins where you have a higher chance of actually winning some cash.

Different Forms of Gambling

With the massive expansion of the internet, all kinds of services that were previously restricted to the real world, can now be accessed online. In particular, this means that instead of having to travel to your local casino in order to gamble, you can now access gambling services from the comfort of your own home. This has also brought about new forms of gambling, ranging from virtual slot machines, online bingo and other casino games where you have the potential to risk money, in order to get a return. What you need to know is that the same game is being played by these gambling companies, where they try to promote their services as being easy to win, or having a massive return in exchange for the low chance of winning. Some issues that can occur from this is that it can become increasingly confusing to be able to choose the best casino website in order to have the highest chances of winning, or to find the site that has the largest winnings available. In 2013, only two online casinos can claim to have the best payback, and of those the SlotsLV bonus is usually the best for most new players who want to get extra slots and/or table play because it’s fully cashable. But comparing other ones, including casino bonus codes that do not require a deposit first, is highly suggested if either the games or the online casino gambling process itself is unfamiliar to you.

Going for the Small Win?

Sites that provide gambling services typically stick to showing off huge winnings in order to get more people to spend money with them. Frequently, winners in the $50,000 range and above are shown to demonstrate what the luckiest of players can achieve. However, your chances of winning with large stakes on the line are laughably low, and you are almost guaranteed to lose more money than you ever get back. To this extent some new sites are now featuring their players who have had smaller successes, like the mobile ready Black Lotus Casino in the hopes it will entice another kind of play. Although, what you need to keep in mind is that there is still some chance of you winning larger jackpots using any strategy, the small win strat is better than the direct deposit (no bonus) one, making investigating it certainly worthwhile in the end. If you are someone who would rather have a higher chance of winning at least some money from gambling, you might want to stick to the sites that have small winnings with easy to follow rules. This will maximize your chances of winning, and you are not likely to spend/waste huge amounts of money in the process. The minimum deposits for some of these are as low as $20. It is always an idea however to fully research the gambling site in question so that you can appreciate just how likely you are to win, given the amount of people playing and the previous rates.

More about Casino Bonuses.

Casino Bonus Code MoneyAnother aspect that you need to consider is the bonuses that the sites provide. These bonuses are typically in the form of extra money to gamble with on the site, which ranges depending on your first deposit. For instance, some of the better gambling houses may offer a 200% bonus, which would mean that if you were to deposit $50 you would get a bonus of $100 to spend on the allowed games and slots. Bonuses like these are usually limited to the first deposit you make, which means that once you have made your first deposit, the ability to use it again no longer applies unless it is stated specifically. Something that needs to be kept in mind with these bonuses is that they often have limits, and a bonus of 200% will usually have a very small maximum deposit that you can use. A smaller bonus will then allow you to use more money, which to some extent will total to the same overall amount as a large bonus.

Big bonus or small bonus?

The question now is whether you should be looking to use a big bonus or a small bonus on gambling sites. You might initially think that bigger means better and that you should always look for the gambling sites with the biggest bonuses available. However, as just demonstrated they can often surmount to the same amounts, or in fact a smaller bonus can land you in a better position. The thing that many online gamblers do not quite appreciate regarding the larger bonuses is that it is very rare for them to be not removed from a withdraw.

Casinos can give you a $5000 bonus and not even make a sweat, as they are likely to get the money back, as you continue to lose. Smaller bonuses on the other hand are usually cashable, and it is less likely that you are going to leave the online casino broke. Of course, the bonuses themselves are insignificant at around 20%, but at least you have the chance to cash the bonus out. Therefore, if you are looking to actually win some money with online casinos you should be looking to go for the smaller cashable bonuses. This will ensure that the bonus is actually worthwhile, and you will be able to leave the casino with less of a chance of going broke. Remember that the more money you use on online casinos, the more money you are likely to lose which will result in you leaving with nothing.

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