Are Mobile Online Casinos the Next Big Thing in Gambling?

Mobile casinos are gambling sites that can be accessed using a mobile device equipped with Internet capability as an app, or as a direct extension of the host site. Mobile technology offers gaming enthusiasts the portability and convenience that’s unavailable with any other form of gambling. Betting using a mobile device allows you to play fun and exciting games anywhere you go, and unlike previously, gives you the opportunity to win real money. To combine convenience and functionality while incorporating the latest entertainment technology are just a few points where these new apps really excel.

At no time in history have players had the ability to play their favorite games with such ease and spontaneity until now, be that good or bad. Whether you’re sitting in a doctor’s office, waiting for a train or bus, had been sitting on a park bench enjoying the weather, you can access the online casino and play to win real cash. Most serious gamblers agree, that is great news initially that could turn to be very dangerous to those that have a problem.

As competition in the online betting industry becomes more and more intense, Internet-based casinos are fighting for market share by upping the ante with USA mobile casino games. Eager to get you as a customer, they’ve implemented a host of incentives, perks, rewards and casino bonuses for US players that give more money to gamble with. All you have to do is make sure that you’re dealing with a legitimate licensed operation and that it is legal in your home or current location. So which type of phones and tablets are compatible?

Most Common Supported Devices

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Windows Phones
  • Play Store (App Based)
  • App Store (Apple)

Even though the number of online mobile casinos is constantly increasing, compared to the total number of gambling venues summed as a whole, there is still relatively few operators in the market. Only 1 in 10 offer complete compatibly with the devices listed above. Also, a mobile casino usually has far fewer slots and gambling games to play compared to their desktop computer, archaic, non-mobile counterparts. However, these apps and websites continue to pop up regularly, such as Winpalace, but when asked about the date of future releases, both RTG and BETONSOFT said that new additional apps will be released as rolling updates.

It’s also notable that not all online gamblers have easy access to a desktop computer, but many have a smart phone or tablet that they use to go online exclusively. With these devices they can not only surf the Internet, they can watch videos, text, and finally gamble from anywhere your smartphone takes you! Very few people in the United States don’t have some sort of access to the net, and with the proliferation of Wi-Fi hotspots in just about every coffee shop, corner bookstore and a myriad of other places, it’s easier than ever for mobile gamblers to access their favorite games. Even though US law makes it difficult for legitimate online gamers to operate, there are big online and mobile casino operators in the UK and Asia. Perhaps one day soon, US law will catch up with the realities of the online gaming market and stake their taxes and claim the money.

This may come even sooner than expected as the recent legal USA online casinos have been announced to be released in Nov. 2013, (the first legal New Jersey internet casinos are now open) Las Vegas casinos are already offering their own mobile casino apps that can be used while the player is located on their physical property. I was able to be there on the opening day and it was nice to see that the app offered a decent amount of games and was provided by their sports betting partner. I took a few spins while having my coffee making me the first person to legally gamble on a mobile phone in a Krispy Kreme while drinking Starbucks in the USA. I didn’t expect to win… and although that is exactly what happened, I would probably do it again.

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Edited: 12/3/2013