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All About Online Casino Bonuses in the News, Social Media, on your Phone and at Home. Even In an App… with Cash Back!!

Online casinos are really making a mark in the news and social media these days. With growing popularity and legalization in the US, casino entertainment is available everywhere you get an internet connection, including mobile phones. These casinos have not only world-class gaming options, but bring with them the whirl of controversy and excitement where ever they pop up. Do they hurt they economy, like Pennsylvania casinos did to Atlantic City? What about peoples wallets and their impact on the environment? What is all this talk about free chips for money, how is all this possible!?

But Casino Gambling is Bad, It Takes Money Away From People Right?

Every industry has its own opponents and US online casinos are no exception. Yet, time and time again research has proven the beneficial side effects of online and land based gaming in job creation and in the generation of tax revenue. “Since opening in 2010, SugarHouse Casino has raised more than $300 million in tax revenue, including about $35 million paid directly to the city of Philadelphia for schools and reducing the wage tax”, according to That is a lot of American kids getting an education on gambling losses, imagine what fully regulated online gaming could bring.

New No Deposit Bonuses USAOnline Casinos Give Back & Provide More Than You May Think

Besides tax revenue and jobs, there are many additional ways that everyone wins with online casinos. For example, the travel expenses to play at online casinos are eliminated from the equation, as are many other factors. This is good news considering that gas prices traditionally rise for the summer travel season, a great way for slot machine players to save would be to stay online or play mobile slots for money. Even Topgame (always suspected of rogue operators) is going mobile and with a special emphasis on iPad and iPhone slots, while still Slotland remains the largest entity for the Android market with over 5,000 hits per day. The point is that accessibility can have more benefit than just its face value, it is also a green alternative in more ways than just making dollar bills. for one is 100% wind powered, as are many other modern websites, helping to reduce the wear and tear on the earth and in making a cleaner world by reducing the use of fossil fuel energy sources.

Playing Online Slots for Money is Better… with Bonuses

Playing at online casinos helping to reduce your travel costs and the environment is only the tip of the iceberg. With much lower operating costs, these sites have the ability to offer some of the biggest welcome bonuses for free chips when compared to a traditional Vegas casino. You won’t just find welcome casino bonuses, the savvy player can takes advantage of a multitude of free spins, chips or additional cash promos every single time they deposit money to play with, be it from a credit card, e-wallet, or even Bitcoin. The most popular welcome bonus is the 400% match. Using one like this would give an extra $400 with a $100 initial investment. The most advantages way that professional gamblers report in playing with a bonus is to bet more per spin and/or per hand. This hopefully will allow a large winning multiplier to beat the wagering  rules in place letting the player cash out a huge win.

These bonuses are one of the ways that online casinos operate and create more spending from its patrons, generating more long-term revenue. Land based casinos can give you complimentary meals and hotel rooms. They have the flexibility to offer tickets to sporting events and concerts, when online casinos simply cannot offer those types of rewards or comps. You can find them occasionally, but not very often, so instead they sweeten their deals with tons of extra promotions, chips, and bonuses for you to play their games and slots online with more money. This is basically the definition of an online gaming players clubs all summed up. To learn more about how this type of promotion works please read, “What makes a CBR casino bonus different“.

Slots Do Not Have Great Odds, But Vegas is Way Worse than Online

Another reward you get from playing at online casinos is a higher payout average on the dollar. So, for every dollar that you would spend gambling in Las Vegas your return is approximately 80% or 80 cents. That does not sound too bad. However, online the average casino pays out about 98 cents on the dollar. Many professional players are interesting in a slot machines RTP (return to player), or the slots average payout over a long periods of time since they devote so much money to playing them. Simple math tells you that there is a much better chance to win more cash at an online casino, although nothing is ever guaranteed when dealing with gambling and life.

So far, we have learned that online casinos create controversy and misguided looks of disgust in the casino industry by offering bigger bonuses and higher payout rates, thereby encouraging the spending of more money, and by “stealing” players from long trusted gaming floors, and directing them to new games in a virtual world. New USA online casinos leverage this ever further with live dealers and 3D online slots. Together, these two factors help create a different type of gaming experience than that of a traditional casino, and the land-based gambling industry doesn’t like that. People are attracted to the new technology  and of course, to try the latest and greatest things. This may be beneficial in and of itself to those players who are apt to be more socially and physically comfortable at home and in familiar surroundings as well. Because of this, online casinos have seen an very large increase in costumers over the last few years.

Read the Reviews

Consider that a bigger bankroll and a more relaxing atmosphere can lead to more play time through concentration and strategic betting. It has happened many times before, including to me, when you build up the excitement of playing at the casino, only to walk onto the gaming floor and immediately lose your entire bankroll. Online slots have much lower minimum bets making this scenario much less likely. It is not uncommon to see large wins with bets that are only .25 cents a spin. Combined with the incentives they have been offering, everything points to playing online if you just want better odds. Instead of being left disappointed, there are so many bonus offers to take advantage of that you will inevitably have more play time as well. Overall, more people are choosing the internet platform as their “go to” for real money gaming, but there are downsides…

Processing Fees, Minimum Cash Outs, Wagering Requirements

All of this comes with a small price you may not even see unless you started winning lots money quickly. One, you have to withdraw over a certain amount, usually $100 or more. Two, you will pay a small fee to get the money sent to the USA by check, or via payback my card options. Three, casino welcome bonuses have specific terms that say the gambler must playthrough (wager) X amount of dollars before a cash out can be requested. Because of these rules vary from site to site; many USA online casinos compete with each other to outdo the bonuses value by offering low playthrough, no-rules, or claiming to have the top casino deposit bonus codes for just new slots, or for all games, etc. Of course, seeking unbiased reviews and reading the terms carefully to substantiate their claims is always a wise choice for both causal and professional gamblers. More often than not, when all factors are considered  they do nothing but help increase the amount of time a play can play on a slot, rather than actually increasing the the chance of winning more money.

New Games, Live Dealer Casinos, 3D Slots for Money…

Now that the new era of USA online casinos is upon us, more social trends are emerging, including the first ever live dealer tables. They allow face to face gaming across a live feed, making Pamper the  first 100% legal for US players casino in 2013 to have live dealers. Find a free chip for the live tables and $100 for the 3D slots Among these new games is old favorite with a different twist. The first 3D slot machine online (no glasses needed) was released by the Bovada earlier this year. Pamper recently added there assortment of games as well, making them two very progressive online gaming sites. It has been an incredible year for developing trends in the gambling sector, and recent strides by the leaders in the industry demonstrate that this upward momentum is likely to continue well into the future.

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