New Online Slots – Small Fortune

Good things can come in a small package

This new online slot is available to play now at all RTG powered casinos.

Ant symbols are grouped wilds and they are on a mission to bring some cash and treats back home from unsuspecting campers. Most of the time being invaded by ants is a bad thing, but in the new online slot machine “small fortune” they are the top paying symbol and more. They also start the…

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The feature is triggered when one or more Ants appear on the first and last reels when one or more Picnic Basket symbols appear in between then (reels 2, 3, and 4)

For each Picnic Basket 5 free spins are awarded multiplier based on the number of triggering Ants and it can be re-triggered but will retain the original multiplier value.

new casino slots

The image below show how the free spin feature can be re-triggered! With Major and Minor Jackpots that will trigger at the conclusion of any paid spin. It would be nice to be on the receiving end of one of those for a change *wink*. This is a high line paying, but average bonus paying game that can really get some decent hits if top symbols are shown.

We think this could be one of the best new slots RTG has made in quite some time. It feels solid, looks great, the animations make me smile and it seems to want to pay! Of course your results may vary…
new casino game screenshot


Summary: 3/5 stars – A slightly cute looking, “pays a fortune” online slot machine that had some nice lucky hits over the course of just an hour playing. I like ants and cute bugs, others however may not, and looking at insects walk away with breadcrumbs and your money must be awful for those suffering from Myrmecophobia, the fear of ants. I like the payouts on line wins, but the free spins multiplier is only 3X so depending on the bonus round for a decent hit is not necessary. For this reason, because the cartoons get irritating, and because the scatter continually blocked better matches with its very low return even with three of them, I can only give it a 3 star rating even though it payed me a 5 star worth of ransom in cash.

One thought on “New Online Slots – Small Fortune

  1. Jamie Hutchhammer

    This game makes me so happy. I haven’t been able to get it over the 200x pay mark, but I have already won thousands. When you said that the bonus round was quite easy to re-start you were not joking. Thanks for the great review a liked it a lot.


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