Poker Stars trying to come back to the US

 Welcome Home Poker Stars, did you miss us?

We kicked them out and took their money but now that the online Poker bids are in Poker Stars is buying its way back to the good old USA. Colony Capital LLC, the owners of Atlantic Club Casino are very close to selling their struggling casino to Poker Stars. – The Wall Street Journal

Many Poker players remember the fateful ‘Black Friday” and many eyes were filled with tears as accounts were closed and payments ‘lost”. It was almost 2 years ago that the US department of Justice shut down Poker Stars and arrested its CeO and owner, Isai Scheinberg, and driving all online Poker offshore.  United States v. Scheinberg

The plan is the same as Zynga’s, and the Native American casino group’s, to set up online gambling in New Jersey and Nevada for in state use only in hopes that it gets federal regulation. 50 million is the asking price, a fraction of the total of 730 million it took to settle their case with the feds.

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