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On December 1, 2013
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Best USA facing Rival casino is worth playing, but making a small withdrawal is difficult. They will cover the expense of wiring a large sum of money to your bank account, but you have to win over $1,000 or there is a $50 fee. Great options to deposit, but not as good to cash out. The huge slots bonuses and overall feel of the casino is still very good, and their personalized service is extraordinary!

Listed Payouts on Slots – Great Service – Huge Bonuses

Let’s be honest here. I am more of a “glass is half empty” kind of gambler. I tend not to give people the benefit of the doubt when trust and money are involved. Rather, I prefer people (and casinos) to prove whichever qualities they claim to have. If I am losing at the casino, it’s bound to be a conspiracy. I’m a born winner and always have been. They must have tightened up the machines! Not here…
$30 No Deposit and 200% No Rules!

200% No Rules Slots Bonus

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Imagine my surprise when playing at Golden Cherry Casino online and I discover the help menu actually lists the RTP percentages of each slot. Why play a slot machine that only has an 80% return to player, especially if you can choose to play only the games with higher payouts? This makes a significant difference in the amount of money a player makes back from the online casino over a long period of time.

With this information, I limited myself to playing only the slots with above 90% RTP. It made me feel like I knew a secret and that I could add an element of strategy to my slot play by increasing my odds. My new knowledge seemed to be pretty effective as I played on an initial deposit of $30 USD for three days!

Innovative Games and a High Payback Made This a Real VIP Experience

Golden Cherry Casino Bonus ImageOver the course of those slot sessions I was also impressed with the variety of games to choose from. I never got bored. The wide array of Rival brand slots at Golden Cherry will suit any player that prefers taking their chances at one armed-bandits. If you like classic 3-reel games, you will not be disappointed. I like the more contemporary 5-reel games myself, but they report that 3-reel slots make up for one fifth of their total gaming.

In the 5-reel category you can further expand your slot machine choices to pick from video slots or i-slots. Either way you will find games with high payout percentages, fun characters, cookey themes, and decent graphics.

As far as the graphics go, some games are better than others. I really liked Wild Carnival. Bikini clad carnival dancers with bodacious assets, sparkling purple win-glitter, and of course the token collection feature that guarantees a bonus pay when you get 12. Plus, it had a jazzy Afro-Caribbean beat that made me want to dance, or spin more…

One thing that does set this casino apart from others is good audio soundtracks to match the games. You can generally count on some 3-D aspects to the graphics across the board, but quality music and soundtracks to go with the theme definitely make these games stand out.

Progressive Storyline Slots Kept Me Glued to the Screen

Slots Example Wild CarnavalNow it’s finally time to divulge the most unique aspect of this USA online casino, the i-slots. These unique games are slot machines with story lines. When a bonus is activated you will undoubtedly win some cash or free spins. Additionally, the bonus will trigger a brief animated clip that aids in visually progressing the story line. This progression adds life to the sometimes cliché and static characters / themes that we are used to seeing on traditional slots. It can be risky if you lose yourself in the story and start betting too much while not paying attention to your bankroll.

One game in particular plays a pun on its’ own format very successfully. It is called As The Reels Turn. I’m on the second episode and I love it. So far there are three episodes, but you can easily understand the potential longevity in popularity that these games possess.

Golden Cherry Casino Example
In my opinion, the slot machines that you find at a casino, whether it is online or land-based, are good indicators of the overall quality of the casino. Golden Cherry Casino passes the litmus test. I had a memorable experience playing there and I’m likely to deposit again. They recognize that players won’t settle for average casino experiences online and they must have listed to their players. “We want more”, and that’s what they provide.

These days to compete in the online casino industry you need to offer your players a better experience any way you can. Posting the RTP for players is a generous act for a business that makes money off of what we deposit to play with. In the world of online gaming, Rival has taken a huge risk that will likely pay off in the long run. Although gambling in any form is always for fun and entertainment and never to make money, winning certainly enhances the experience.

Deposit Via: Visa / Mastercard / Amex / PrePaid / Bank Wire / EZ Voucher

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