Simple fact: When gambling money, everyone wants to win…

If you don’t want to win there is definitively something wrong, or you like to flush money down the drain. Having been a competitor most of my life it hurts me to my core to lose at anything. This is a challenge as casinos want to make money also. Many individuals that walk into a brick and mortar casino or access an online casino through the internet may not realize that certain bets are better than others. I have many friends that feel as if all casino games are a 50/50 proposition. What they do not recognize is that the casino has the desire to make money so they are going to “attempt” to win over 50% of the time, and that most games, including online slots, are well below that mark for a players expected payback percentage. Looking for games that are closer to a 50/50 proposition will give bettors a better chance to bring home the big bucks, or anything at all. Finding these types of games is not as hard as one would think. Here are a few options that are available to try at USA online casinos as of 2013.

Craps Bet on the Pass / Don’t Pass Line

Long known as one of the best bets online, craps is also one of, if not the most effective way to actually make money gambling at any casino. They coveted pass line, where everyone gathers around and yells into the field, “ooaaaaaahhhYEAHHHHHH!” or other sounds of elation with some disappointment thrown in at times. This is because it is a fast paced game where huge amounts of cash can start to pile up on the table, making it feel thrilling. It may be advantageous to note that new female craps players are considered very lucky by old timers, while new male craps players are viewed as quite the opposite and expect to be treated as such. Laying your wager on the pass line will effectively be giving the house an edge of only 1.4%, on of the the best bets you can make online. This can be further reduced by “taking odds”. You will find that most craps lovers to be a superstitious bunch on average, so I would try to learn a little about the game first before heading right to the table as a rookie.

Arbitrage Sports Betting

Arbitrage sports betting is a real numbers cruncher’s heaven. It is not for those that are faint of heart when it comes to understanding percentages and short term gains. That said, anyone that struggles with percentages and short term gains is probably not all that successful when it comes to gambling or betting. I will try to lay it out in laymen’s terms first and I will go into specifics later. In more words or less, arbitrage sports betting is a way to make a small gain by making a bet on both sides of the moneyline or spread. When a spread is announced there are hundreds of sportsbooks or bookies that open the betting prior to the event. As sports betting has increased in popularity there are some websites and bookies that are willing to open a spread a week in advance for football games. This is not easy for the sportsbook which makes arbitrage sports betting profitable. I will go into a brief explanation as to how the lines are created for professional and college football which is one of the most popular sports to bet in the United States.

wagering odds at online casinos

The line of a football game is determined by the amount one team is likely to defeat another. If the San Francisco 49ers are a one touchdown favorite over the Carolina Panthers the spread would look like this:

San Francisco (-7) vs Carolina

When there is a minus in front of a number that is the amount in which a team is predicted to win. If there is a plus in front of the number that is the amount the team is predicted to lose. If a bettor feels as if the San Francisco 49ers are going to win by more than seven points, or one touchdown, they would place the bet for the 49ers to cover the spread. If a bettor feels as if the Carolina Panthers will lose by less than a touchdown they will place a bet for the Panthers to cover the spread. What is important when it comes to arbitrage sports betting is how exactly is this spread set.

There are many ways in which a sportsbook or bookie can set the spread for a football game. Most have some type of power ranking for each of the teams. Generally speaking, the home team gets three points for the home field advantage. If the 49ers have a power ranking of 55 and the Carolina Panthers have a power ranking of 45, on a neutral field, the 49ers would be favored to win by 10 points. Most games are not on a neutral field. If the game is in Charlotte, NC, where the Panthers play, the spread would be 7 in favor of the 49ers. If the game is played in San Francisco the spread would be 13. Where the game is played can make a huge difference. Another factor when it comes to creating the spread based on home field advantage is the distance a team has to travel. Flying from San Francisco to Charlotte, NC is just not a hop, skip and a jump. This is a flight that last several hours and jet lag could play a part in this game. For this reason, some bookies will add a few points to the home field advantage for the home team that is several thousand miles away. It would not be unheard of for the spread to be only 5 or 6 for the 49ers if they played in Charlotte. While some try to arbitrage sports bet with lines it might be a little easier to do it with the moneyline.

A moneyline football sports bet is a bet in which a team is picked to win outright. If the 49ers are a seven point favorite the moneyline will likely be around 1.43 for the 49ers and 3.01 for the Panthers. This means if $100 was bet for the 49ers to win the payout would be $43 in the 49ers did, in fact, win. If the bettor placed $100 on the Panthers and they won the game the bettor would win $201. Think of the number as the total amount that the bet would pay out including the amount wagered. If the 49ers won, the bettor would get their $100 back plus $43 equalling $143. If the Panthers won, the bettor would get their $100 plus $201 equalling $301. Just move the decimal place.

Arbitrage sports betting is a method used to bet both sides of a moneyline. At any given time different sportsbooks will have different moneyline wagers. Let’s do a quick example to explain how this works. If you notice that one sportsbook has the 49ers at 1.75 on the moneyline bettors can win $75 for every $100 bet. Lets say a different sportsbook has the Panthers at 4.25. This means a bettor can win $325 for every $100 bet. By doing the math, a bettor would know they can bet the following:

$1000 for the 49ers to win $1750

$500 for the Panthers to win $1625

No matter what happens in the game, the least amount of money won would be $1625 on a total bet of $1500. This is an 8.33% profit in the worst case scenario. In the best case scenario, the bettor would take home $1750 which is a 16.67% profit. This is a long term growth proposition and not a get rich quick scheme. When most sports bettors start they want to place bets against the spread or parlay to get the highest return. Some of the best bets to make money online are arbitrage sports bets. This means that the outcome does not even matter and you will not have to stress about that late field goal or worthless touchdown that is scored. Trust me when I tell you that late scores that are meaningless to most of the world will end up ruining a sports bettors day, week or month. Take the stress out of the betting and find arbitrage sports bets that are available to you.

It is very important to note that arbitrage sports betting is not available on every game, and sometimes not in the USA. In fact, there will be some weeks in which no bets are available using this stragegy. The best thing to do is to have multiple sportsbooks that offer different lines. The more options the better. You may find that one sportsbook loves the 49ers while another bookie loves the Panthers. Probably the best place to try real online gambling is the Bovada or Mobilecasinoparty as they are trusted USA sites and have been operational for many years. They are not a “fly by night” operational to say the least as they have been endorsed by ESPN, Yahoo Spots, etc.

If you start to see a pattern it will make the odds of finding arbitrage sports bets much more likely. It also doesn’t hurt to use a little bit of patience to see what happens over a few weeks. Also recognize that arbitrage sports betting is available for any sport, not just American football. There are hundreds of sporting events going on every single week so do the research and you are sure to find some opportunities. Get with others that enjoy the same thing and see what works for them too. I have heard of people making well over $200k a year doing nothing but this so giving it some thought makes a lot of sense unless you don’t like gambling or sports.

Baccarat Bet the Banker

When looking to make the best bets online something I learned a long time ago is to stick to a trend. This is especially true when it comes to Baccarat. Baccarat is one of the few casino card games that does not favor the casino in a huge way. When betting the banker every time the house edge is only 1.06 percent. When betting the player every time the house edge is only 1.24 percent. This is minuscule when it comes to other table betting. The reason the banker house edge is so much less is because the bettor will pay a commission when they win with a bet on the banker. That said, the commission is still a very small part of the winnings which makes this game lucrative to many.

Anyone that has been to a big time Las Vegas casino knows that Baccarat is a high stakes game. Some individuals will play hands of $5000 or $10,000. The fact that the bet is basically a 50/50 proposition allows them to put more money on the table knowing they will win it back over the course of time. My personal preference is to bet the banker just because it is as close to a 50/50 bet as there is on a card game. There have been times I have seen individuals win at a clip of 75% and then walk away from the table with quite a bit of earnings.

Something that is necessary is to stick with one side or the other. The fact that it is almost a 50/50 game means that the bettor should always bet the banker or always bet the player. If a bettor jumps back and forth or bets the chance of a tie they will likely lose money. Betting the tie in Baccarat is one of the worst bets in all of casino games. Remaining patient, picking the banker or the player and just enjoying your time at the table will be the best way to make money and not go broke in a matter of minutes. When sitting down at a Texas Hold ‘Em Poker table or a craps table there is a chance you could blow through cash in a matter of seconds. Consider your options before deciding that you want to place $100 on several different numbers on a craps or roulette table. This is a way to quickly drain your bankroll and it will make the online betting experience miserable.

Something else to consider when looking for the best bets to make money online is the buy in at each table. As stated earlier, there are many high roller Baccarat tables available on the Internet and in casinos. If you only have $500 to start betting and you are at a $100 buy in table you could lose your money quickly. If you have $500 and start betting at a $5 buy in table you will be much less likely to lose everything you’ve got. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to lose $500 at a $5 buy in table if you bet solely the banker or solely the player in the game of Baccarat. One of the things I enjoy most about Baccarat is it can be played for several hours without losing a lot of money. If your goal is to spend some time at a table and enjoy the atmosphere of the casino this is a great place to start. While online you can chat with the other people at the table. If you are in a brick and mortar casino you can chat with the dealer or build friendships with those that are playing.

Casino Bonuses That Have No Rules and/or Low Wagering Requirements

Missing out on a no rules casino bonus is like missing out on free money if you are going to be playing online slots anyway. These things have 1. no wagering requirements, 2. no max-cash out, and 3. no rollover. Most new USA online casinos need the player to wager a certain amount of money before the bonus is released, or in other words, able to be cashed out. Since a no rules bonus can be withdrawn when ever, it is a tool that is prized by highrollers and online slots players. They are almost always offered to the player as a reward for signing up, or as a special promotion.

A good example of a USA online casino that has this type of bonus code available right now is at the Silver Oak Casino, and at the Planet 7 Casino Review that were recently featured on CBR also have a 99% rated payback on the slot machines. In order to further spread the love, we also have entire articles devoted to explaining how to use a casino bonus in case there is any confusion, from the differences between all of them, if big ones are better than little ones, , to why it is so much fun to win before you even start gambling!


There are a few opportunities to make money when betting online. Remember that casinos enjoy making money but they also recognize that some games have better odds than others. If you are a sports bettor you might want to consider arbitrage sports betting. If you are not good with numbers and you do not understand how the moneylines are created it might be best to do some research on this before throwing money around. Once understood completely, arbitrage sports betting is a great way to gradually build a bankroll over time as it does not matter who ends up winning the event. Bettors will have both sides covered.

When it comes to casino games, try your hand in Baccarat. Always bet the banker or always bet the player and you will be able to enjoy the experience while also making some money on the side. when it comes to online slots, try them with a casino bonus to get more play for your deposit. And finally, when it comes to any kind of gaming, please be responsible. There is a lot going on around here so after you start making huge money, please don’t forget to check out the other places to play and share us with your friends.