How to make the most of your deposit to casinos that are online and accept players from the USA

It should come as no surprise that most people who are familiar with playing slots at their local casino would want to join whatever comp program these new online casinos have available. The truth is that most don’t have a comp program exactly. Instead they offer players codes as incentives to become depositing members, most of which have some rules. These bonuses give US players more real money to play slots, just like a free play coupon from Vegas. It is not very difficult to find the best deal if you know what to look for, and I will lay out some simple guidelines that will help you get the most extra money at slots that accept USA players and that are online. Search for them here.

First, it is best to search for the casinos bonuses here. Then you can compare which rewards they offer as well as the amount of money they will add to your deposit if you do decide to make one. In addition you should learn about what features they have, as well as what the rules are for cashing out at each one individually. Comparing the benefits and possible negative aspects is very important when it come to dealing with your money and thus, your choice as to where you want to eventually work on climbing the up the VIP scale.

Once you have decided on a casino that can accommodate you with both an adequate amount of extra bonus chips and with promotions that you feel are fair, you will need a code to claim the deal. I find it is easy to highlight the coupon code, copy it, and paste it into the casinos cashier.

If there is no code listed on the comparison page do not worry, it just means that it cannot be displayed publicly and the promo will appear on the casinos site where they have made an exclusive bonus. They want to give you preferential treatment because we educate the casino lover and we never try to sell them products, only point them to trusted establishments. If they gave the same deals to everyone then there would be a greater chance to exploit them (it has happened before), so they reverse the best for the quality review sites like CBR where the readers more educated in general.Another way to get more money for online casinos is to simply make a deposit with no bonus at all. I know it sounds contradictory but it is absolutely true. It works because they have better offers for players that 1. Spend more and 2. Do not always use bonus money on their deposits. If they feel that a player is taking advantage of them they will not give them the best promos they have to offer, just like any other business. Online casinos know who are the real players and, of course, want to cater to the high rollers as well. If a new player makes his/her first deposits “bonus free”, it is very likely they will move up the VIP ladder faster and get bigger comps.

I have seen the same promotion from one online casino that gave two different players two completely different codes for extra slots money, even though everything else in the promo was the same. Both players were automatically entered in the latest contest they were running, but the amount of extra money that the casino presented to the player was substantially more for the person that made larger deposits and used less bonuses overall. This is because, not only did the high roller spend more, he/she also had a greater chance of busting out compared to the player that always uses a casino bonus on their deposit.

As far as what types of games give more comps and what kind of play-style will convince them that you deserve more bonus money, there really is no easy answer. Every establishment operates differently, but I have seen some patterns that repeat themselves. What I do know is that there is sophisticated software online that figures out what type of promo the casinos should give someone based on many variables. It is also true that they give the most money to slots players as opposed to people who play mostly table games. This is because slots have the worst odds in the house and they can generate the most profits for the casinos in the long run. It is safe to say that playing high variance slots will generate more comp points over time because of the chance of hitting a spike and, as mentioned before, they give the house better odds. It is also safe to say the same logic would apply to the amount of a variable promotion.

This is not to say that you can’t be that person who won a jackpot and is now “up” for life, it happens all the time. It is to say that the average player will lose slightly more often when playing only on slots, as compared to rate that of other games. Because of this, a casino that is online will give more money to those players to help keep them happy and coming back for more.

The last, and usually most difficult way to get some serious comps in both money and promos is to wager large amounts per spin or per hand/round. The #1 behavior that helps online casinos decide how big of a VIP you are is how much you bet, not overall, but at one time. This holds true for casinos of all types and putting down huge bets is a good way to get their attention, or it can make you lose your bankroll fast. High rollers have been known to wager up to $100 per spin on high limit slots online and up to $10,000 per spin on machines. The raw value of comp point exchange to real money makes this technique dangerous unless you have an adequate bank roll or amazing luck, but in the end it will yield the most money in comps and bonuses.