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Q: How to find the right online casino slots for your play-style and game preferences

Step one: Decide what would you would like to play…

There are so many different types of real casino games and slot machines that this can be a difficult question for some gamblers to answer. I know that I find myself entertained by various alluring ventures in my life outside of the poker table, and because of my flighty spirit, I could never settle down to focus on just one game alone. Variety truly is the spice of life, but knowing what you want to accomplish in just one session, not where you plan to play your money everyday should not be very difficult…. right?

Winning and USA Real Online Casinos Slots & Games Explained-

3D Slots – Of course the latest feature at new USA online casinos are 3D enhanced slot machines from Bet-Soft. Since they are still fresh out of the frying pan, the long trusted MobileCasinoParty is the only real choice for these games that payout more. There are a couple of other casinos online that have 3D slots but they no do have the newest games because the MobileCasinoParty is the only fully licensed entity that can release them to play with real money in the USA. As well as their own propitiatory software, they have a plethora of other types of gaming available, from poker to sports betting.

The drawbacks of these slots are that they can require a good size bankroll to play as the minimum bets are high, and there are no free chips (without a deposit first) for them yet.

Online casinos have many different types of slots, table games, etc. but knowing which ones offer the right combination of what the player is looking for is nearly impossible without doing a little research. I did that for you in this very post! Currently there are only five software companies that make these real money slots and games available to US players: RTG, NuWorks, Betonsoft, Rival, and BetSoft Gaming, although they each have unique features.

Each one provides a welcome bonus that adds money in addition to a players first deposit to the casino. Not only do they increase the odds of winning at the slots, they always will provide more playtime with the same amount of money. Begado has new slots with many levels of progressive jackpots and are like tradional RTG slots, just updated with more features and fresh idea. You can always check them out with an exclusive 400% slot bonus but reading on will unravel more. So, how do you find the right one? Let’s start with breaking down the features and games:

New Real Money Slots – Lotus Asia is the leader in new BETONSOFT slots in 2016. There really was no competition to begin with, as the other group that offers these amazing slot machines like “Max Cash” is the roguish Genesys corp. That’s why Black Lotus and Lotus Asia Casino have been the only trusted sources for these types of new slots. We know that they always have been an advocate of fair gaming, and are already the top American HD slots provider online. The Lotus casino group has delivered on what they promised to do, have the two fastest paying online casinos for US players in the world… and they are succeeding seamlessly. These new slots are very high variance on average, and have rated odds of up to 98% RTP.

No Deposit Needed – Playing for real money with free chips is the right of every new online casino gamer. When a they give these players free chips with requiring a credit card first, it is called a no deposit bonus. Although there are a lot of rules attached to being able to actually cash one of these out, players can get a feel for the games and slot machines, and if they are lucky, even win a little money at no risk. For some this can be good and a lot of fun, for others, it could be more of a waste of time. It is a real bummer to win a progressive jackpot using a no deposit needed bonus code only to realize that you will get a measly $100.

Serious gamblers and highrollers are encouraged by most to make a real money deposit using a casino bonus in order to not be subjected to a max-cash out term imposed by these no deposit needed free chips. At the very least, they do provide enough play to get a feel for how the online casino operates, in both game-play, and in their banking methods. The majority of these codes are from RTG and Nuworks.

MobileCasinoParty Casino – You have probably heard of this one before. It is the only fully legal, licensed, and approved online poker site that sill has real money games for the USA. That’s right we are talking about MobileCasinoParty and Bovada again. When Bodog poker closed its doors, they opened a new casino online online only. This new technology was still full of bugs, and as most new businesses, they had trouble getting off the ground. It didn’t take very long. Now the Bovada is the largest online casino to offer live Texas hold Em poker for money where there are rooms that are still full of US players. These pro’s have a lot of skill, and sometimes huge stakes come and go faster than a Ferrari on the Autobahn, but where else can you win a fortune playing online poker from your home computer?

Best VIP Comps – Sometimes its a good idea to just stick with one new online casino, rather than depositing small amounts to many of them. This can help whales and highrollers get better bonuses and promotions in the long run  Since there are so many USA online casinos to choose from, how could they possibly know that you deserve these larger bonuses unless the big spender stays at just one? Since we are talking about new establishments, the article linked above has the best ways to get more money to play and win…. More! by utilizing common methods to gain comp points at a rapid pace.

New USA Online CasinosNew RTG Slots – Lucky Red, opened in 2013, is owned by the very well-respected Club WorldCasino group. Since it is still considered a new compared to ones from the '90s, there are a few pretty amazing bonus offers to take advantage of. For players that have not been able to redeem a 400% welcome because, CBR negotiated the best slots bonus of the year! There is no max cashout, super low playthrough, and money back on every deposit.

It won’t last for long so get in while you can. Minimum deposit is $25, but that would be a waste with a bonus of this size. To get the best chance of hitting a jackpot, go with fewer, but larger deposits. The next offers from online casinos after a player has become a full member are usually somewhat less

Big winners play hard and playing loose slots that have a 99% payback (Vegas strip is 89%) is is not a hard choice.

Return to player or RTP is a figure based on the average amount of money the random number generator in the slot machine will give back to the player over time. Online casinos here feature loose slots at 99% RTP, that means that the average player will get back $99 on every $100 in real money he/she gambles. It is the definition of how a slot machine is loose or tight.

That’s incredibly high and your probably thinking there is no way a casino can afford have loose slots when Vegas slots pay fine. If not, please read about what makes our bonuses different before you jump right in. In fact most people wont notice the difference between 95% and 99% but over thousands of dollars you probably would. You would have much more play time and possibly much bigger hits from slots if you play online exclusively. The truth is that online casinos have a lower overhead then brick and mortar casinos thus allowing them to make their slots looser. Our casinos expect you to win and come back for more VIP treatment so that tiny one percent starts to add up for the average player. We want you to to have the best casino bonus for the USA possible at the safest casinos online for more real money so we do the reasearch for you. We also would like you to be an above average player so pay attention and get ready to really win with CBR.

This does mean you are guaranteed to get $999 on $1,000? No. In fact I am up several thousand for the year but I’m lucky and my personal RTP is 109% after a lot of wagering. Some people will have less, some more, but that 1% advantage to the casino with such little overhead allows all these free chips and bonuses as well as our favorite loose slots. Vegas is fun but loose slots keeps the gaming excitement going longer on a smaller bank roll so choosing an online casino for slots makes sense. If you are board of only high variance RTG Slots read the complete USA online casino first deposit bonus list featuring online casinos sorted by software and bonuses.

“The best online casinos are RTG casinos. They have loose slots that payback 98% plus and players from the USA are welcome.”

USA and worldwide gamblers are winning real money playing slots online, but not all of them payback well. Only the loosest slots and casinos with the fastest payouts make it here! We rate the best online casinos and skip the rogues so you can relax and play at licensed and certified establishments. RTG online casino loose slots are high variance or high volatility so you have a chance to see some high multipliers. Payback percentages are averages that are not guaranteed. They will vary from player to player and should be used as past performance reference only. Keep checking back at CBR for the latest in casino promotions and online gaming reviews.

Step Two: Play Games and Slots for Money Online… and (hopefully) WIN!